Double Lux Lighting uses DIALux software to carry out lighting calculations for your space to work out how many fittings and what type are needed to achieve the desired lighting level. A lighting level appropriate to your wishes and (legal) requirements for various space types such as stalls, halls, offices and retail outlets. Double Lux Lighting specialises in low-energy, sustainable light fittings.

For many building spaces lighting does of course involve more than meeting NEN and other standards: lighting as the fourth dimension of architecture changes how space is experienced. Light makes things visible, guides the eye, creates atmosphere and can be used to make rooms more pleasant and livable.

Based on research data of Wageningen University we calculate the ideal amount of light for your stall to promote animal welfare and aspects such as milk production.

Ryanair has taken our lighting calculations as a basis for switching from light fittings with metal halide light sources to low-energy LED light fittings in its hangars in order to halve their energy consumption!

For an office it is important to arrange the lighting in such a way that the people working there are optimally aided with their visual tasks. We base our lighting calculations on the key points of NEN-EN 12464-1 for workplace lighting and take account of the specific aesthetic requirements of the client or architect.

In retail spaces the lighting has to support and strengthen the retail format. The lighting image, together with the shop interior and exterior, has to convey a clear message to the shopping public and optimally draw attention to the goods on sale.

In most cases there is more to lighting than an on and off switch! Substantial energy savings can be achieved by making use of smart control technologies, such as daylight control and presence detection. It is also possible to use a single lighting system to create various atmospheric effects by gearing the intensity and colour temperature of the lighting to the various needs of a room’s users.

Double Lux Lighting provides advice – independently of the brand or supplier – based on sound substantiation with a lighting calculation and an overview of the energy requirement. Our lighting advisors will be pleased to talk to you about light and lighting based on the drawings you provide or a visit to your company.