Energy savings can be achieved by making use of advanced light fittings and/or lighting control technologies.

Double Lux Lighting supplies high-output light fittings that create a lighting image in your space that is in keeping with your specific wishes and requirements and the function of the room.

Based on your specific functional lighting needs Double Lux Lighting will also be pleased to advise you on additional energy-saving alternatives, such as the use of a daylight system and presence sensors in order to reduce the power consumption of the lighting.

Double Lux specialises in low-power LED lighting solutions. We will be pleased to provide you with an overview of the energy savings you can expect to achieve in combination with a lighting calculation.

For existing spaces we can set off those energy costs against the costs of your current system in order to give you an insight into how long it will take you to recoup your investment. We will also take account of the change in the maintenance costs of the system.

Practical example of savings

Click the chart below to see a practical example of savings at Ryanair Frankfurt.

Practical example of savings